Die Deutsche Uhrenstraße / German Clock Route

The »German Clock Route« leads you through the most beautiful holiday landscapes of the Black Forest and the Baar over a distance of 320 kilometres. Along the way you will find fascinating museums and sights all to do with clocks. Several clock factories also give you an insight into clock production. Since 1667, when the wooden clock with foliot was first made in Waldau, numerous variations of this and other clocks have been produced, among them musical clocks with trumpeters or flutes, clocks with painted or laquered shields, clocks to control watchmen, regulators, alarm clocks with twin bells and many other kinds of clocks, even modern quartz crystal clocks and radio clocks. As early as 1840, subsidiaries of the Black Forest clock traders existed in four continents and 23 countries. Trading companies shipped Black Forest clocks to China, Russia, Turkey, Great Britain and America. In 1845, 600,000 clocks were produced in the Black Forest, in 1989 the number of clocks and clock works climbed up to 60 million. In the area of the German Clock Route, 12,000 people work in the clock industry. Along the route, you will find charming Black Forest farmhouses with shingle roofs, clear blue brooks with trout, green meadows and dark forests. When having dinner or lunch, please be sure to ask for Black Forest smoked ham, good farmhouse bread, schnapps distil- led from plums or cherries and the famous Black Forest pies. Take your time on the German Clock Route!

Villingen-Schwenningen O km Kneipp Spa, 660-975 m, population 81 000 Clock Museum Schwenningen – sundials, hourglasses, wall clocks, grandfather clocks and pocket watches dating back to the 16th-19th century; a clockmakers workshop. Tue. - Sun. 10-12 am and 2-6 pm Inustrial Clock Museum Schwenningen – docu- mentations about the industrial clock production, machine demonstrations, Museum-Shop and Cafe. Tue. - Sun. 10-12 am and 2-6 pm Franziskaner-Museum Villingen – oldest clocks of the Black Forest, clock shields, workshop of a shield painter, typical Black Forest items. Kienzle Uhren (specialized stockists only). City-Rondell, shopping-centre, (former clock factory Mauthe) Other sights: Museum "Altes Rathaus"; International Aircraft Museum; walled old town with cathedral; National Park "Schwenninger Moos"; source of the river Neckar in the municipal park "Moeglingshoehe"; Ice Rink; Theatre "Am Ring"; Concert Hall "Franziskaner". Tourist Information, Rietstraße 8 78050 Villingen-Schwenningen Phone 07721/82-2340, Telefax 07721/82-2347

Vöhrenbach 20 km Holiday resort, 800-1100 m, population 4 300 »Uhrmacherhäusle«. Other sights: Lake Linach with dam and "Bruderkirchle" Tourist Information, 78147 Voehrenbach Phone 07727/501-1 62, Telefax 07727/501119

Eisenbach 35 km Holiday resort, climatic health resort, 800-1130 m, population 2 500 Collection of clocks in the room of Local Traditions in the "Wolfwinkel" Hall – old clocks, dials produced in Eisenbach. Mon. - Thurs. 8-12 am and 2-4 pm, Fri. 8 am - 1 pm. Universal clock made by Johann Baptist Beha in 1865, exhibited in the Hotel "Bad". Other sights: collection of birds Tourist Information, 79871 Eisenbach Phone 07657/9103-0 Telefax 07657/9103-50

Titisee-Neustadt 41 km Climatic health resort, 800 -1200 m, population 12 000 "Heimatstube" in Neustadt – information about the history of the clock making industry. May 15th – September 30 th: Mon. - Fri. 2-5 pm, Sat. 10-12 am on special agreement. October 1st – May 14 th: Sun. 10-12 am, Thurs. 2-5 pm. Q Clock Factory "Hoeness" – production of original Black Forest cuckoo clocks and shield clocks. Mon. - Fri. 7.30-12 am and 1-3.30 pm. Other sights: Lake Titisee; new-gothic cathedral; look-out tower; bridge over the Gutach valley (highest bridge in the Black Forest); Germany's largest natural ski jump. Tourist Information, 79822 Titisee-Neustadt Phone 07651/98040 a. 206250 Telefax 07651/980440 a. 4436

Lenzkirch 51 km Climatic health resort, 800-1100 m, population 4 500 Museum of Guilds and Local Traditions – shield clocks, grandfather clocks and many other things that show the visitor the life in Lenzkirch in former times. Clocks and mechanical music – W Frey – Guided tours on special agreement at the Tourist Information. Mon. - Fri. 9-12 am and 2-5 pm. June-September: guided tours: Thurs. 3 0.30 am. Other sights: "Windgfellweiher" pond; mount "Hochfirst" with look out tower; beginning of the "Wutach" Gorge; Museum of Local Traditions in Kappel. Tourist Information, 79853 Lenzkirch Phone 07653/68439, Telefax 07653/68420

St. Maergen 79 km Climatic health resort, 900-1100 m, population 1 900 Exhibition of clocks in the town hall – interesting clocks from the beginning of the clock making industry. May 15 th – October 15th: every Wednesday at 4.30 pm ("Kapitelsaal") Other sights: monastery; "Omen"-Chapel; "Rank"-Mill; Black Forest farm steads; Local History Museum (May 15 th - Oct. 15th every Fri- day 4.30 pm – "Kapitelsaal"). Tourist Information, 79274 St. Maergen Phone 07669/9118-17, Telefax 07669/9118-40

St. Peter 86 km Climatic health resort, 700-1200 m, population 2 350 Baroque organ-clock in the church of the former Benedictine Monastery. Other sights: Seminary for priests and parish church; Black Forest farm steads. ,4, Tourist Information, 79271 St. Peter Phone 07660/910224

Glottertal 96 km Holiday resort, 300-1243 m, population 2 850 Location for the TV-serial "Schwarzwaldklinik" Other sights: "Hilzinger" Mill dating back to the 16 th century; "Flamm- hof" dating back to 1713. Tourist Information, 79286 Glottertal Phone 07684/91040, Telefax 07684/910413

Waldkirch 114 km Kneipp Spa, 243-1243 m, population 19 400 "Elztal" Museum with beautiful music clocks of Ignaz Bruder (1780-1845) as well as organs made by famous organ builders of that period. summer season: Tue. - Sat. 3-5 pm; Sun. 11 am - 4 pm winter season: Wed. + Fri. 3-5 pm; Sun. 11 am - 4 pm Guided tours on request. Other sights: Historic old town with half-timbered buildings; panoramic view from Mount "Kandel"; Black Forest Zoo. Tourist Information Kirchplatz 2, 79183 Waldkirch Phone 07681/404-106, Telefax 07681/404107

Simonswald 132 km Holiday resort, 300-1200 m, population 3 000 Sights: Possibility of visiting a clock factory; Black Forest Clock Tra- ders at Local Tradition evenings. Tourist Information, Talstraße 14a, 79263 Simonswald Phone 07683/255, Telefax 07683/1432

Guetenbach 142 km Climatic health resort, 800 m, population 1 500 Village Museum – big clock works, tower clock of Philipp Furtwaengler from Guetenbach. June 15 th - Sept. 30 th: Sun. 10-12 am; Wed. 2-5 pm. Spaeth Clock Factory – production of traditional Black Forest cuckoo and shield clocks. Other sights: restorated mill; natural monuments; "Balzer Herrgott"; biggest carpenters plane in the world. Tourist Information, 78148 Guetenbach, Phone 07723/7035 and 930611, Telefax 07723/930620

Furtwangen 146 km Holiday resort, climatic health resort, 850-1150 m, population 10 000 German Clock Museum – documentation of the history of the clockmaking industry with more than 4 000 exhibits. April 1st - Nov. 1st: 9 am - 5 pm, daily Nov. 2nd - March 31st: 10 am – 5 pm, daily Closed Dec. 24 th - 26 th For groups guided tours on special agreement Entrance fees: adults DM 4.–, groups (10 and more members) DM 3.–; pupils DM 2.,– Other sights: Source of the river Danube at the "Martins-"Chapel; "He- xenloch-"mill; look-out towers "Brend" and "Stoecklewald". 9. Tourist Information, 78120 Furtwangen Phone 07723/939111, Telefax 07723/939199

Schoenwald 158 km Climatic health resort, 900-1150 m, population 2 700 Birth place of the cuckoo clock. Clock factory "Allgaier", Anton-Bruckner-Str. 1, Phone 4613 Q Regina Helfen: historical Black Forest clocks, Schwarzwaldstr. 16, Phone/Telefax 3921 Q Wehrle Clock-Cabinet, Hauptstr. 7, Phone 211 54 Other sights: Oldest "Heidehof" (farm stead) in the Black Forest; ski jump "Adler"; cross country ski summer track; summer ski jump; natu- re reserve: "Rohrhardsberg" and "Blindensee". Tourist Information, 78141 Schoenwald Phone 07722/860831-33, Telefax 07722/860834

Schonach 173 km Climatic health resort, 850-1163 m, population 4 500 World's biggest cuckoo clock – built in two years by Josef Dold. It is interesting to take a look inside the huge clock. 9-12 am and 1-6 pm, daily. Other sights; Local Museum; baroque church; Black Forest mill; nature resere: "Rohardsberg" and "Blindensee". Tourist Information, 78136 Schonach Phone 07722/96481-0, Telefax 07722/2548

Triberg 177 km Climatic health resort, 600-1000 m, population 6 000 Black Forest Museum - musical clocks, music works, extensive collection of Black Forest Clocks. May 1st - Sept. 30 th: 9 am - 6 pm Nov. 15th - Dec. 15th: open on weekends 10 am - 5 pm Oct. 1st - April 30 th: 10-12 am, 2-5 pm Clock Factory Hubert Herr - Documentation shoing the assembly and carving of a cuckoo clock. Mon. - Fri.: 8-12 am and 2-5 pm Tour groups on special agreement. Other sights: world's biggest cuckoo clock at "Eble" clock-park in Tri- berg-Schonachbach (9 am - 6 pm, daily); conference room in the town hall; baroque pilgrimage church "Maria in der Tanne"; Germany's highest waterfalls. Tourist Information, 78098 Triberg Tel. 07722/953230+ 31, Telefax 07722/953236

Hornberg/Schwarzwaldbahn 187 km Holiday resort, 400-1000 m, population 4 800 "Hornberger Uhrenspiele" with 20 figures town hall with bell-tower and chimes Other sights: open-air theatre "Hornberger Schie8en"; home of the traditional Black Forest costume; presentation of Black Forest mush- rooms. Tourist Information, 78132 Hornberg Phone 07833/6072, Telefax 07833/793-29

Lauterbach 200 km Climatic health resort, 500-900 m, population 3 500 grandfather clock in the former town hall (W. Kimmich estate) Sat., Sun. and holidays: 2-5 pm Q Clock Factory Neff - production of grandfather clocks Mon.-Fri.: 9 am - 4 pm; Sat. 9 am - 2 pm Other sights: Art Gallery "Wilhelm Kimmich"; Black Forest mills; Hi- king-club house of the Slack Forest Club with look-out tower "Gedaechtnishaus". Tourist Information, 78730 Lauterbach Phone 07422/949730, Telefax 07422/949740

Schramberg 210 km Holiday resort, 400-700 m, population 19 800 Town Museum - collection of Black Forest clocks, presentation of the development of the Junghans Clock Factory in Schramberg. Art-Clock from Junghans. May 1st - Sept. 15 th: Tue.-Fri. 10-12 am and 2-6 pm Sat., Sun. and holidays: 10-12 am and 2-5 pm Sept. 16 th - April 30th: Tue.-Fri. 2-6 pm Sat., Sun. and holidays: 10-12 am and 2-5 pm clock with astronomical indications (town hall) Junghans clocks (specialized stockists only) Other sights: Chapel "Falkenstein"; ruins of castles; animal park; european glass painting. Tourist Information, 78713 Schramberg Phone 07422/29215, Telefax 07422/29209

Tennenbronn 220 km Climatic health resort, 400-970 m, population 3 800 Sights: old mill, ready for operation. Tourist Information, 78144 Tennenbronn Phone 07729/926028

St. Georgen 230 km Holiday resort, 800-1000 m, population 14 000 Phono- and Clock Museum in the town hall - old clock-makers tools, typical Black Forest clocks, different kinds of 19th century clocks; curiosities of phono technology. Mon.-Fri. 9-12 am, 1.30-4.30 pm. May-Sept.: Sat. 10-12 am. Other sights: exhibition of minerals in the town hall; carillion at the market place; protestant church. i, Tourist Information, 78112 St. Georgen Phone 07724/8728

Königsfeld 240 km Climatic health resort and Kneipp Spa, 800 m, population 6 000 l Village Museum in Buchenberg - exhibition and painting of local clocks, Black Forest Clocks of two centuries. May-Oct.: every Sat. 2-5 pm Nov.-April: every 1st Sat. in the month 2-4 pm Clock Factory Auber - the only factory that produces clocks with laquered shields patterned after old originals. Exhibition-room and shop with an extensive offer of original clocks from the last 200 years of Black Forest Clock Production. On special agreement we offer information talks about 250 years of clock history. Other sights: ruin "Waldau"; small church "St. Nikolaus" - 1000 years old - in Buchenberg. Tourist Information, 78126 Königsfeld Phone 07725/800945

Niedereschach 258 km 630-720 m, population 5 000 Exhibition in the town hall - workings of a turret clock. Mon. - Thurs. 9-12 am, 1-4 pm. Other sights: Local Museum and "Sinkinger" Chapel in Fischbach; roman bath; roman farm stead; roman room , Tourist Information, 78078 Niedereschach Phone 07728/648-0, Telefax 07728/64851

Horgen 262 km Holiday resort, 600-700 m, population 750 Sundial on a rock , Tourist Information, 78658 Zimmern ob Rottweil/Horgen Phone 0741/93036, Telefax 0741/9291-34

Rottweil 268 km 507745 m, population 24 700 Einwohner Oldest city in the state of Baden Wuerttemberg. Sundial of stone at the "Heilig-Kreuz"-Cathedral. Sundial in the conference room of the town hall (visits only on request at the Tourist Information) Salt Pit Clock at the Salt Pit Museum - tower clock dating back to the 18th century from Frittlingen near Rottweil, second use at the Salt Pit "Wilhelmshall": restored and made ready for operation in 1995. Visits during the opening times of the Salt Pit Museum: May-Sept. Wednesday and Sunday 2.30-5 pm and on special agreement. Phone 0741/40836 (Mr. Raible) Other sights: Dominician Museum (late gothic woodcarvings and roman department); Town Museum ("Fasnet Stüble"); roman bath; mediaeval town centre with towers; "Lorenz-"Chapel (Museum for Stone- masonry); Salt Pit Museum; saltwater and adventure swimming bath "Aquasol". Tourist Information, 78628 Rottweil Phone 0741/494280+ 81, Telefax 0741/494373

Deisslingen 276 km 611 m, population 5 700 Grandfather clocks on the ground floor and on the first floor of the town hall; continuance exhibition of clock components and clock makers tools. Mon.-Fri. 8-12 am; Thurs. 4-5.45 pm Tourist Information, 78652 Deisslingen Phone 07420/9394-0, Telefax 07420/939495

Trossingen 290 km 660-760 m, population 15 000 Einwohner Local Museum - old clocks and shields made in the Black Forest. (regular guided tours: Wed. 2.30 pm) March-Dec.: 2-5 pm Clock Factory Selva-Technics - hobby clock buil- ders can find here replacement parts for old clocks as well as clock kits. Mon.-Fri.: 8-11.30 am; 1-4 pm; Sat.: 9-12 am Other sights: Oldest locomotive engine; Town of music made famous worldwide by "Hohner"; Harmonica Museum; Holiday Park "Gaugersee". Tourist Information, 78647 Trossingen Phone 07425/25112, Telefax 07425/25150

Weigheim-Muehlhausen 302 km 691-733 m, population 1 100 and 600 Local Museum Muehlhausen - beautiful wall clocks April 1st - Oct. 31st: Sun. and holidays 2-5 pm Other sights; Peasant Museum Muehlhausen (open air museum); Peasant Market (every Friday 2-6 pm) Tourist Information, 78056 VS-Muehlhausen Phone 07720/61409

Bad Duerrheim 315 km "Soleheilbad", climatic health resort, 700-740 m, po- pulation 11 876 former salt-pit buildings with historical clock from 1824, now used as town halls. Other sights: bath- and therapy centre "Solemar"; "Narrenschopf" (carneval museum with about 400 traditional cameval figures and costumes of the "schwaebisch-alemannisch" carneval on exhibition). Tourist Information, 78073 Bad Duerrheim Phone 07? 26/666295, Telefax 07726/666301

Length of the German Clock Route: 320 km. The distance is measured from Villingen-Schwenningen

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